Are You Eligible for an Injunction?

1. Are you a victim of domestic violence, harassment, or any other form of abuse?

You do NOT have to be subjected to physical domestic violence to be in a position to apply for a non-molestation order, although in practice it is easier to obtain one if you have been subjected to a recent act of violence. But you are still in a position to apply for protective injunctions if the person in question has been harassing or intimidating you, this could be through text messages, phone calls, emails or even social networks. If you are in fear of the harasser and can evidence that they have been subjecting you to either violence, intimidation, harassment or the threat of any of these then you are in a position to apply for a court order.

2. Is your harasser a connected person?

To be eligible for a Non Molestation Order the person to whom you are obtaining the injunction against needs to be a 'connected person' to you. If the person who has been bothering you fits into one or more of the below areas of your life then you are one step closer to be able to apply for a protective order.

3. What other steps have you taken to protect yourself?

Obtaining a Non Molestation Order from the Court, whilst present in order to provide people with options to protect themselves, the Court will always look to what other steps one has taken;

If you have done all if not most of the above to help in protecting yourself and the person keeps harassing you or finding ways to contact you then this supports your application that you need court intervention for protection.

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