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Advice of the century: Be a GENIUS, get more £ in the Divorce!

When a couple enter a marriage, they are doing so with the understanding that if anything goes wrong, in the UK, the law of the land stands that everything should be split 50/50 down the middle. Pre-nuptial agreements can certainly help but the Court still must consider the split and division fair t.....

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Alternatives to the Family Court

You’ve decided to separate from your partner and now you need to organise everything that goes along with that separation. The money, the children, the assets… LIFE! but who wants to go to Court these days? You’re on speaking terms with your ex but you’re not exactly on the same page about e.....

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How To Represent Yourself In Court

Since the withdrawal of legal aid within family law and the increased difficulty in obtaining public funds even when you would have thought you met the criteria for it more and more people are being forced to represent themselves both in and outside of the Court room. Whilst representing your.....

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