Hello Lover.... Valentines Day, Covered!

Friday Feb 10, 2017 Relationships

For our special Valentines Blog we wanted to dedicate ourselves more to love than the break-down of it.

We understand that you have busy lives, work, kids, friends and family all get in the way of putting time aside and showing the appreciation you have [deep down in there] for that special person in your life. Lawgap have therefore attempted to compile a hassle free list of ideas of what you and your person of interest can get up to this Valentines.

We’ll sign off now, with Love,


Team Lawgap


  • “If music be the food of love, play on” as Shakespeare once said, so how about a night at the theatre. With a boastful amount of shows to see in the capital, will it be Dirty Dancing or Ghost? Either way, you can find cheap and well situated seats here http://www.seetickets.com/theatre-tickets



  • Recreate your first date? What did you do? Where did you go? Hope it’s a cheap and cheerful one and your date will adore you for your thoughtfulness.


  • “A couple that trains together stays together”, did someone say late night gym session? Be modern and get those GAINS this Valentines! We can almost hear the faint whispers of Oliver Newton-Johns ‘let’s get physical, physical, oooohhh baby physical’.



  • Spa Day! With hundreds and thousands of offers on around the valentine’s period, get a relaxing day booked for you and your significant other. Looking for a list of the best deals? Lawgap have you covered, https://www.spabreaks.com/


  • Press the ‘Call for Champagne’ buzzer [yes, that is an actual thing!] and book a table at the Bob Bob Richard restaurant http://www.bobbobricard.com/


  • Ever thought about what it would be like to eat in the dark? Well you have now, and there is a restaurant that caters to that very unique experience, try something new here https://london.danslenoir.com/en/home/


  • A little cash strapped this Valentines? Why not just take a romantic stroll around the city, add a few compliments and a regular stroll becomes a romantic one!


  • Did someone say Netflix and Chill? In the year that Netflix and Chill literally became Netflix and can we seriously just chill, crack on your all time box set, order in the ultimate takeaway and snuggle up.