Child Arrangement Order

If you find yourself in a situation where you are being denied what you consider
to be your right as a Mother or Father then Lawgap is here to help.

The child arrangement orders package is available to purchase. This gives you all of the instructions and information that you will need to simply prepare and manage your case; from the application forms to what to expect at your first hearing and beyond.

The DIY child arrangement package explains all of the legal options available to you so you can decide what order you need, including;

  • Parental Responsibility
  • Child Arrangement Order — Contact
  • Child Arrangement Order — Residence
  • Specific Issue Order
  • Prohibited Steps Order

The child arrangements package will provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to handle the practicalities of your application. The pack has been carefully designed by our specialists to equip you with everything you need to successfully manage your child care applications, without the need of a solicitor and never ending legal fees.

Order the DIY Child Arrangement Package for £69
The DIY Child Arrangements Order Package will tell you:
  • What order you need
  • The application process from mediation to court
  • What the law says about parental rights
  • All your forms in one place
  • Example forms completed for your ease and guidance
  • Statement templates and examples
  • How to prepare for your first hearing from Position Statements to Bundles
  • Jargon busters
  • What to expect when you go to court
  • Practical tips to get you through your case.
  • Download your information pack within minutes

Here's How Children Matters Work

Step 1: Pick which order you want the Court to make

Remember that you can request more than one within your application form.

For further information our Children - the orders you can apply for page will help assist you on the best application for you.

Options are:

  • Parental Responsibility Order
  • Child Arrangement Order — Contact
  • Child Arrangement Order — Residence
  • Specific Issue Order
  • Prohibited Steps Order

Step 2: Make an application for mediation through MAIM

You must first attempt to engage the other parent with mediation before making your application to the court. If they refuse to engage or it does not work you will be referred to make the court application.

Step 3: Complete your relevant application forms

And issue them with the court that is most local to the child's residence. Need help finding out where your child's local court is? Click here to locate it

Step 4: Wait for the Court to get back to you with a Notice of Hearing

This notice will also be sent to your former partner. To ensure that they know about the hearing you may want to send them a letter with a photocopy of the Notice of Hearing you have received requesting their attendance.

Step 5: Prepare for Court

Prepare for Court using tools and tips within your DIY Children Pack.

For more information, step by step guides and tips to handle your case your way purchase and download the DIY Child Arrangement Pack.

Order now for £69

Once purchased, you will automatically be able to download the DIY pack direct to your computer and have access to that support straight away.