Protect yourself and your finances with a Managed Consent Order for just £150

A consent order is a legal document which ends all financial ties between a married couple. Unless you agree and formalise one then your ex can crop up at any time, even if you remarry to make claims on your assets, income and pension!

Order a Consent Order for just £150  

About Consent Orders

To make any Consent Order legally binding you will need to have a solicitor draft it for you.

This process does not need to be expensive, as Lawgap have a team of solicitors on hand to help you through this stage of your separation. Also, unlike many other online offers we will make sure your Consent Order is managed for you from start to finish, which means no dealings with the court.

If you would like more information on Consent Orders please read here.

Your Costs

Our fixed fee of £150 includes the creating of your Consent Order by a qualified solicitor and management of the process from start to finish.

There are mandatory court-filing fees when you file a consent order of £50, unless you are on a low-income or receive certain benefits. This is not a Lawgap fee, this is a court fee.

Your total expense for a fully managed Consent Order is £200. You will not find this offer cheaper anywhere else.

Why Choose Lawgap?

Start your Consent Order in minutes

Team of qualified solicitors on hand to draft your Consent Order

We file all the necessary paper work with the court

Fixed Fee of £150 which won't be beaten

Save up to £1000 by using our service today

Free postage so you can return the signed forms back to us

Here's How the Consent Order Works

Complete your questionnaire

Solicitor will draft your Consent Order and post to you

Check, sign and post back to us

We will handle all court interactions for you

Consent Order approved — you are financial free! — is financial free a legal term?

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