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Here's How Injunctions Work

Step 1: Are you Eligible?

First of all consider whether you are eligible for an Injunction protective order — our are you eligible page will assist you in deciding whether you meet the criteria for the order.

Step 2: Prepare your statement and application form

You will need to write a detailed statement outlining why you require the Injunction. This will need to highlight if you are seeking an Occupation Order as well as a Non Molestation Order and again, why. You will have to explain what measures you have taken to already protect yourself and why they have not been enough.

Step 3: Attend Court Ex Parte

This means you will attend court with your application form, statement and request to be seen that very same day without giving notice to the person to whom you are getting an injunction against [the Respondent].

There is no court fee for this application but you will need to bring at least 3 copies of your statement and application form [one for you, one for the person you are getting the order against and one for the Court]. Be ready to sit and wait until you are seen by the Judge.

Step 4: Pick up the stamped [sealed] Order, application and statement from the Court office

Once you have been granted your Order from the Court make sure you go back to the court office to collect your stamped documents as you will need these for the next step.

Step 5: Serve the Respondent

Remember that the Non Molestation Order and/or Occupation Order will not be effective until copies of the order, statement and application have been personally served on the Respondent and you have evidence of that. You are not expected to do this yourself, you can either instruct a friend who feels safe enough or there are professionals that you can hire!

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